Action Alert

We are in the home stretch to pass SB 63 (Jackson) the New Parent Leave Act!

September 11, 2018, please make calls – especially if you are in the district and/or have people you serve in the districts of the Assemblymembers below – please call and tell them this bill is a priority to you. 

(Scroll down for a sample script):

1.  Raul Bocanegra – (916) 319-2039

2.  Anna Caballero – (916) 319-2030

3.  Tom Daly – (916) 319-2069

4.  Mike Gipson – (916) 319-2064

5.  Jacqui Irwin – (916) 319-2044

6.  Patrick O’Donnell – (916) 319-2070

7.  Sharon Quirk-Silva – (916) 319-2065

8.  Blanca Rubio (we are hearing that Rubio is on board! if you’re in her district, a friendly call supporting her support won’t hurt!) – (916) 319-2048

Find your legislator here.

If you have a supportive Assemblymember, it doesn’t hurt to call and let them know this bill is important to you/your organization and you appreciate his/her past support and anything he/she can do to help get the bill past the finish line is appreciated!

Quick Sample Script: 

Hello, I live in Assemblymember __________________’s district (optional: I am a mother, father, health care provider, teacher, small business owner etc) and I’m calling to urge his/her ‘aye’ (or yes) vote on SB63 (Jackson) the New Parent Leave Act. This is an important bill that allows more parents to bond with their new children. Do you know how the Assemblymember plans to vote on SB 63?

Note: The Governor is on board due to new amendments which create a NEW mediation pilot program within the Department of Fair Employment and Housing so that the parties can mediate their dispute prior to filing a lawsuit.

Also, some lawmakers have questions about the length of leave since the last year’s bill only called for 6 weeks of job-protected leave (SB 63 would allow 12 weeks of job-protected leave to new parents in businesses of 20 or more). Our response is that at least 12 weeks is crucial to the health and development of new children and helps mothers establish breastfeeding. New York passed 12 weeks of paid and job-protected leave and our allies in the Small Business Majority and health care workers and experts support the bill at 12 weeks because of the importance to the health and well-being of workers and families.

Stay tuned for updates! The bill should go up tomorrow.
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