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2015-2016 California Legislative Bills

SB 654 (Jackson) – New Parent Leave Act (formerly SB 1166) 

Update: This bill will allow more parents to take bonding leave for a new child (birth, adoption, foster). This bill has been revived late in the session. It passed out of Assembly Labor and Employment Committee on Monday, August 22, 2016 and is now headed for Assembly Appropriations and then onto the Assembly Floor.


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AB 2589 (Gomez) – Bringing Breastfeeding Home Act

Update: Co-sponsored by the California WIC Association and the California Primary Care Association, this bill is officially dead for the year, having been suspended by the Senate Appropriations Committee since the estimated costs exceed $150K. The bill includes horizontal integration of WIC application and eligibility with Medi-Cal, Covered CA (CalHEERS) and CalFresh and CalWORKs (SAWS). The bill also requires that our two state health departments work with stakeholders to develop breastfeeding measures and outcomes.

SB 1316 (Wolk) – Human Milk Tissue Banks 

Update: Sponsored by Senator Wolk, this bill is officially dead, having been suspended by the Senate Appropriations Committee since the estimated costs exceed $150K. This bill required a tissue bank licensed by the department that collects, processes, stores, or distributes human milk to, among other things, work with lactation support groups to provide breastfeeding education and lactation support for a mother, from whom the tissue bank procures human milk, as provided. The bill prohibited these tissue banks from, among other things, providing payment to a mother for human milk the tissue bank procures from her within her first 90 days postpartum. The bill required the department to adopt, on or before January 1, 2018, rules and regulations governing these tissue banks that, at a minimum, are substantially based upon the guidelines of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America for safely procuring, processing, storing, and distributing human milk, and would require these tissue banks to comply with the latter guidelines until the department adopts those rules and regulations. The bill provided that a violation of its provisions is not punishable as a misdemeanor under existing law. The bill provided that its provisions remain in effect only until January 1, 2022.

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