Breastfeeding Action Network

What is the Breastfeeding Action Network?

The Breastfeeding Action Network (BFAN) is a group of people who are members of the California Breastfeeding Coalition and California WIC Association and collaborate to address the systemic and institutional barriers to breastfeeding at the policy level. The BFAN participants are the voices for breastfeeding families in their communities, in Sacramento and in Washington DC.

What is expected of me if I participate in the Breastfeeding Action Network?

*Learn about and discuss current breastfeeding policy issues.

*Participate in developing statewide breastfeeding policy priorities.

*Build and maintain relationships with your Congressional member, State Assembly member and State Senate member.

*Educate legislators about issues that impact families from meeting their breastfeeding goals.

*Respond to Action Alerts that request a rapid contact to your legislators.

*Attend Capitol Day visits in Sacramento and in Washington, DC when coordinated opportunities become available.

*Lead or participate in efforts for State, County and/or City resolutions to proclaim August as Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

*Present local breastfeeding data to your County First 5 Commission and to other identified stakeholders.

*Participate in media advocacy campaigns and be a media spokesperson.

*Participate in quarterly webinar meetings and others as needed.

How can I participate in the Breastfeeding Action Network?

Sign up for the Breastfeeding Action Network below. You will need to provide the district numbers of your Congressional, State Assembly and State Senate representatives.

You can find your Federal legislative district numbers at this link.

You can find your State legislative district numbers at this link.

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