Modesto: Lactation Educator Counselor Course (5 meetings)

UC San Diego Extension Lactation Education Program

Modesto, CA: March 1, 2, 3 & May 23 & 24, 2016 (5 meetings)

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This university based program trains participants to be Lactation Educator Counselors. Lactation Educator Counselors are typically entry level practitioners and deal primarily with the normal process of lactation.

Lactation Educator Counselors teach breastfeeding classes, usually in hospitals and clinics. Lactation Educator Counselors may work with pregnant women and their families in community perinatal health programs such WIC. They may be employed in a “Store” or “boutique” that rents or sells breastfeeding clothes and equipment.

Nurses who work with mothers, babies, and families often extend their skills by becoming Lactation Educator Counselors.

This course is the required prerequisite to the Lactation Consultant course.

Other Credit: BRN, RD: 45 CE Hrs.  IBLCE CERP’s: 45

Credit: 4 units

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