California Breastfeeding Summit

The California Breastfeeding Summit is the state’s premier breastfeeding gathering that establishes an annual collective action to remove breastfeeding barriers and increase exclusive breastfeeding rates in California. The Summit is a forum to evaluate our current state of breastfeeding, inspire and motivate a catalyst for change, explore best practice, acquire new skills, provide networking opportunities, and share resources and tools.

Main focus areas are to improve hospital maternity policies and practices, promote workplace lactation accommodation laws, establish breastfeeding friendly healthcare provider offices, and bridge gaps in lactation support services before and after the hospital experience in California’s communities.

Larry walking

Larry Grummer-Strawn from the CDC giving the closing plenary.

The Summit features presentations by national, state and local experts, practical workshops, numerous opportunities for networking and planning, and a special celebration recognizing hospitals that have achieved Baby-Friendly designation during the previous year.

Attendees from local WIC Agencies.

Partners from local WIC Agencies.

The Summit convenes over 500 attendees from various sectors that impact breastfeeding, including hospital administrators, nurse managers, nursing staff, WIC personnel, representatives of community-based organizations, public health professionals, physicians and other health care providers, human resource professional, and childcare administrators. The Summit is the “State of the State” meeting for everyone working to impact breastfeeding rates in California. Click here for information about the next California Breastfeeding Summit.


Partners getting ready for the parade of Baby-Friendly Hospitals

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