2014 Summit Program & Presentations


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Bridging the Breastfeeding Support Gap: Community Resources and Hospitals Coming Together to Accomplish Baby-Friendly Steps 3 & 10

Transforming Committees, Coalitions and Collaboratives into High Performing Teams: Achieving your Breastfeeding Improvement Goals

Plenary Speakers:

California Breastfeeding Rates: Gaining Momentum Through Building a Continuum of Care

Health for All: Reducing Health Disparities Through Increased Breastfeeding

Lactation Support Services Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act

Moving Ahead to Implement SB 402: California’s Baby-Friendly Law

Summit Workshop Tracks:

Health Care Systems

Improving Your Joint Commission Perinatal Care Core Measure of Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding Through Evidence-Based Maternity Practices 

Nuts and Bolts of the Baby-Friendly Re-Designation Process

Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Step 6: From Fantasy to Reality

Implementing Breastfeeding Support in Community Clinics: Lessons Learned for Best Outcomes

Guidelines and Criteria for a Breastfeeding-Friendly Healthcare Provider Office 

Family and Social Networks

Engaging the Faith Community in Breastfeeding Promotion

How Licensed Child Care Supports Breastfeeding Families

Establishing Breastfeeding Friendly Childcare Settings: Resources to Help Child Care Providers and Breastfeeding Families 

Role of Fathers in Influencing and Supporting Mothers’ Infant Feeding Decisions

Empowering Grandmothers as Breastfeeding Supporters

Workplace and Employment

 Making it Work: Using New National Tools to Help Employers Support Nursing Moms 

Strategies to Support Mothers to Facilitate Milk Expression in the Low-Wage Workplace 

Evaluating Tools for Supporting Safe and Healthy Infant Feeding and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies 

Engaging Employers: Supporting Nursing Mothers in a Variety of Work Situations 

How to Use the Cell Phone, Texting, and YouTube to Meet the Learning Needs of Generation Y 

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