Golden Wave Awards 2015

Suzann and Pauline

L to R: Beverly Curtis, Chair USBC, Pauline Sakamoto, Mother’s MIlk Bank, Suzanne Haydu, CDPH MCAH, Ernelyn Navarro, Chair CBC


Suzanne Haydu- Golden Wave Awardee 2015

We are so pleased to present the 2015 Golden Wave Award to an exceptional advocate for breastfeeding in California. Some people describe this person as a little dynamo who has been a tireless supporter and advocate of breastfeeding for more than two decades within the Maternal Child Adolescent Health (MCAH) Division of the California Dept. of Public Health.

In the government work environment, she is very persistent and doesn’t take “No” for an answer. If she believes in a project and someone, including a supervisor, is putting up roadblocks, she doesn’t give up.  She just says, “A ‘no’ just means I haven’t provided them with enough information.”  She keeps at it– contacting people, gathering and sharing data until the “No” becomes a “Yes.”

Highlights of her work include establishing the statewide Breastfeeding Promotion Advisory Committee and developing and producing two California breastfeeding reports. Her work with the advisory committee elevated the status of breastfeeding promotion within the California Department of Public Health and county health departments. This work ignited the formation of local breastfeeding coalitions and our statewide breastfeeding coalition. In her MCAH role she has helped to strategically connect breastfeeding stakeholders with public health leaders and recently is pursing meetings with the Office of Industrial Relations to discuss improving enforcement of the lactation accommodation laws in California.

In addition, she has been an active representative to the United States Breastfeeding Committee. She has been involved in planning all of the California Childhood Obesity Summits and all five California Breastfeeding Summits including being a speaker and acting as a dwarf in our fabulous skit last night.

The California Breastfeeding Coalition is proud to present the 2015 Golden Wave Award to Suzanne Haydu.


Pauline Sakamoto – Golden Wave Awardee 2015

It has been said of this Golden Wave awardee that her selfless legacy comes from her nature; her love and care of babies; ceaseless dedication to a cause that saves babies lives; her hard work and being able to do what it takes to move the cause forward;  her championing for breastfeeding.

The Golden Wave Award is so deserving for this person who she has done it all- donated to the milk bank and has had an affiliation with the Mother’s milk bank over 27 years, given volunteer time to the Mother’s milk bank, gone with her family to many a fund raiser for the Mother’s milk bank.  She continues to volunteer many hours, and arranges many fund raisers for the Mother’s Milk Bank. In addition, she has always kept the bigger picture in mind. She is an expert recognized nationally and internationally who has travelled many miles to speak about Mother’s milk banking and the importance of supporting breastfeeding. Her great sense of humor has enabled her to perform in all her many roles with such great success!

One could ask this person about the time there was a power failure at the Mother’s Milk bank and she had to wear a helmet with a light to mover the frozen milk … sign of true dedication! She is a current member of the USBC and was a founding member of the Human Milk Bank of North America ..

A colleague, Dr. Susan Crowe, Obstetrician Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital – Stanford Medical Center says of this recipient: her leadership, commitment and passion have allowed the Mothers’ Milk Bank to flourish in difficult times. She has expanded the reach of the milk bank to meet the needs of vulnerable babies who otherwise would not have the breast milk they need. It is a privilege to know her and to support her work

Please help me to honor Pauline Sakamoto, with the Golden Wave award …

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