MediCal Breast Pump Funding

Update: Unfortunately, the proposal did not survive the final Conference Committee negotiations.

Requesting Support

Attached you will find our two letters to the Senate and Assembly.

We ask that you do the following to assist us in our efforts:

1. Send similar letters on your organization’s letterhead

2. Testify with us in Senate Budget Subcommittee on Health (Sub #3) on April 25th and
in the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Health (Sub #1) on May 6th- if your representatives are available.

3. Also send us copies of your letters for our files

Thanks in advance for your assistance and support!

CWA Breast Pump Rate Medi-Cal Senate Budget

CWA Breast Pump Rate Medi-Cal Assembly

Low Quality Breast Pumps Put California Children’s Health at Risk
Medi-Cal Rate Increase for Breast Pumps and Supplies Needed

A modest $7 million annual increase in the Medi-Cal breastfeeding support budget will help ensure all mothers have the opportunity to successfully breastfeed their babies using effective breast pumps, saving Medi-Cal costs in the long run.

* Medi-Cal could realize savings from $405,000 to $940,000 per 100,000 women by providing improved breastfeeding services and support, including high quality breast pumps.

* Access to high quality breast pumps can help lead to optimal breastfeeding rates, which could reduce medical costs related to infant illnesses by $1.6 million per 100,000 women.

* Increased Medi-Cal reimbursement rates for breast pumps will help avoid strains on other providers like WIC, who have become the de facto quality breast pump provider for Medi-Cal recipients.

Low-income women should not be subject to barriers that prevent them from breastfeeding their babies and giving them the best chance for a healthy life.

MediCal Breast Pump Funding – Fact Sheet

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