C-Section Rates Vary Significantly at Calif. Hospitals, Leapfrog Finds

October 15, 2015

Many California hospitals last year performed medically unnecessary cesarean sections, according to a report by the Leapfrog Group, KPCC’s “Impatient” reports.

Details of Report

The report sought to determine how often women with first-time, lower-risk pregnancies gave birth via C-section. Lower-risk pregnancies were defined as those that reached at least the 37th week and consisted of one fetus in the head-down position. More than 45% — or 139 — of the hospitals in California declined to respond to Leapfrog’s survey (Plevin, “Impatient,” KPCC, 10/14). In total, the report included 158 California hospitals (Shinkman, Payers & Providers, 10/15).

The report ranked 33 states on their C-section rates (Leapfrog Group report, October 2015). The states’ rates were then measured against Leapfrog’s goal of reducing the national C-section rate to 23.9%.

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