California Breastfeeding Summit 2024 Keynote Explores Semana de la Lactancia Latina

September 15, 2023

By Tonya Kubo
California Breastfeeding Coalition

With the 2024 California Breastfeeding Summit less than five months away, our team is excited to see the program shaping up.

What’s probably most exciting, though, is the keynote plenary session on Day 1 focused on the launch of Semana de la Lactancia Latina (Latina/x Breastfeeding Week).

Though this year was the first formal celebration of chest, breast and human milk feeding in the Latina/x community, it’s been years in the making. 

Monica Esparza wears a red off the shoulder top with colorful embroidered roses over black pants. She's leaning against a concrete wall painted with a bright blue mural

Monica Esparza, executive director of the New Mexico Breastfeeding Taskforce, will share behind-the-scenes insights on the first-ever Semana de la Lactancia.

Monica Esparza, executive director of the New Mexico Breastfeeding Taskforce, and her team of collaborators from across the nation are offering a peek behind the scenes to Summit attendees. The Launch of Semana de la Lactancia Latina and Why it Matters will provide background on how the celebration was organized and implemented, while also covering how lactation duration and exclusivity will improve health outcomes for the Latina/x community, and how messaging and communication need to be influenced by culture. 

“The opportunity to provide a platform for all of us to learn what’s required behind the scenes to plan, organize and present a national event of this scope was one the CBC couldn’t pass up,” said Executive Director Jasmine Pettis Marquez. “I’m looking forward to celebrating the work Monica and her team have done and to continue the excitement surrounding the first-ever Latina/x Breastfeeding Week.” 

Summit Registration Opens Oct. 2

Registration for the 2024 Virtual California Breastfeeding Summit opens on Oct. 2. The event, which will once again be supported by the Whova event app, takes place from Jan. 23 to 25.

This year, the entire program will be contained within the app, which means you don’t have to keep track of multiple links or worry about leaving for a workshop and finding your way back to the main event. We’ve also improved the design and functionality of the virtual exhibit hall, so you can find the booths you want when you want them — AND easily connect with the exhibitors even if you’re visiting after hours.

“After carefully reviewing the evaluations from last year’s event, we are consciously focused on minimizing any points of friction for our Summit attendees,” Marquez said. “Presenting the entire program within Whova will make the experience better for everyone.”

One thing that isn’t changing is the ability to register now and pay later. Whether attendees pay their own way, or are sponsored by an employer, they deserve the greatest level of savings possible. Anyone who registers by Nov. 30 can take advantage of early bird pricing while delaying payment as far as Jan. 12.