2015 Awardees

 Congratulations to  the 2015 Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace Awardees!

Community Medical CentersCommunity Medical Centers, Inc. WIC, located in Stockton, has created a supportive atmosphere for their employees to breastfeed or pump at work through team work. Just as they promote breastfeeding with their WIC participants, they walk the talk by prioritizing breastfeeding break time for breastfeeding employees and cover each other as needed. Their support also includes access to an electric breast pump and a professional lactation consultant. As one of their employee’s state, “I really feel that because of the support we receive at Community Medical Centers, Inc. WIC, I have exclusively breastfed my children. It can be a stressful situation returning to work after having a baby, but with great support it makes it a little easier being away from baby and knowing you can still breastfeed and provide the very best for baby.”
Representatives accepting the award: Olivia Millan, IBCLC and Andrea Weiss, RD

Ventura CountyCounty of Ventura has a standout Lactation Accommodation Policy and support program that applies to 8,000 employees, 28 county agencies with multiple departments and worksites spread across the county. They have surveyed every department to ensure that there is a dedicated or designated lactation space or room. Currently they have 14 dedicated and 38 designated lactation spaces and rooms. The county is proactive in orienting employees about the lactation accommodation policy at hire and prior to maternity leave. To prevent lactating employees from experiencing any discrimination, supervisors are inspired to view breastfeeding as a normal occurrence and one that benefits the employee’s immediate family, fellow co-workers and society as a whole.
Representatives accepting the award: Kathy Long, Chair of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and Patty Zoll, Manager of the County Work/Life Program

Sara TuckerDel Norte County Health and Human Services has gone beyond providing lactation accommodations and has developed an Infant-At-Work Program enabling women to breastfeed at work. Through their system redesign to better meet the needs of people and families with complex needs, their programs and services are being aligned to reflect their mission, “to respectfully promote the health, safety, self-sufficiency and well-being of children, families and individuals creating hope for the future.” They recognize that delivering family-centered services based on the hopes and needs of their clients requires a work environment that is family centered and supports the hopes and dreams of employees. The Infant-At-Work program is an example of a family-centered support program and is making Del Norte County a great place to work!
Representative accepting the award: Sara Tucker, Integrated Case Worker Supervisor

First 5 Santa ClaraFirst 5 of Santa Clara County is a community-based agency with 46 employees. In an office with limited space, they have been creative in identifying private spaces for lactation accommodation. They have designated a public conference room and a private office for use by employees and guests. Their policy states that they want to have an atmosphere of acceptance and accommodate any staff returning to work who want to breastfeed. As a funding agency that supports the health, well-being and education for 0-5 year olds, they are now requiring all their grantees to adopt similar policy to support breastfeeding staff and community members. They are leading by example!
Representatives accepting the award: Kelsey Pennington, Policy Coordinator and Maya Rams Murthy, Director of Health and Wellness

LAC+USCLAC+USC Medical Center is a large county teaching hospital with approximately 7,000 employees located in the heart of Los Angeles. Their employee lactation program aims to meet the lactation needs of all employees including house officers, faculty, medical students, visiting or temporary employees. They have two dedicated private lactation rooms with one that accommodates up to 12 women at a time to express milk. Their support goes beyond what the law requires by providing electric multiuser breast pumps for employee use. They currently have 40 employees using the rooms that are available 24/7.
Representative accepting the award: Kittie Franz, RN, CPNP-PC

Solomon TempleSolomon Temple Ministries located in Pittsburg, is a nontraditional partner in breastfeeding support that has fully embraced supporting breastfeeding mothers beyond just supporting staff. Staff and church members have participated in 20 hours of breastfeeding education to create a community of breastfeeding support. They have placed signage around the church that clearly states breastfeeding is welcome anywhere, and developed policy and programs to provide excellent lactation accommodation to its staff, church members and the community. They continue to support other programs and churches in breastfeeding accommodation, promotion and support. They have community baby shower and started a “cradle care ministry” for pregnant and postpartum mothers and a “Men’s Cave” Fathers support group.
Representatives accepting the award: Sara Edmond, Ministry Business Administrator and Sandra Jamerson, Mother’s Ministry Chairperson

UC DavisUniversity of California Davis is a stellar example of a comprehensive breastfeeding support program that provides university employees, students and partners with lactation consultations, support group meetings, and the use of hospital grade breast pumps located in close to 40 lactation sites on the UC Davis campus as well as 10 sites at the UC Davis Medical Center.  UC Davis policy dictates that a lactation site is available within a 5-7 minute walk of every building on campus and at various sites. And any new building or any significant renovation that happens at UC Davis locations will contain a lactation site.
Representative accepting the award: Shirley German, IBCLC

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