Success! 4th Annual Donor Breast Milk Drive in San Luis Obispo County



The Central Coast Breastfeeding Coalition (CCBC) hosted their fourth annual Donor Breast Milk Drive on October 11th at French Hospital Medical Center in San Luis Obispo. The event was a great success with 1,200 ounces donated and 13 moms signed up! The drive was held in support of the San Jose Mother’s Milk Bank. The event was sponsored by  Dignity Health: French Hospital Medical Center and First 5 SLO County.

A mother sometimes does not produce enough breast milk for her premature or sick baby. Donated breast milk can provide important protection for these fragile babies and help prevent necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

Donors learned about breast milk donation, were screened to become donors and donated their frozen breast milk. CCBC members were on hand to share information about local community resources and light refreshments were served. A children’s play area and child care was available. Each donor received a thank you gift.

Words of Wisdom from CCBC Coordinator, Leslie Mehigan:

            This is the fourth year in a row the Central Coast Breastfeeding Coalition has hosted our milk drive in support of the San Jose Mother’s Milk Bank. The reason we do it every year is because we have three NICUs within San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County and those babies need breast milk. We know we can’t say exactly where our local donated milk will end up, but we know there is tremendous need and we are doing our part. San Luis Obispo is very breastfeeding friendly and every year we receive more milk than the last. Now that all 3 of our maternity hospitals are Baby-Friendly, we foresee receiving even more donations in the years to come.

             We have many lessons learned over the years hosting milk drives. The first year we did not know what to expect but we just moved forward hoping for the best. We just jumped in and learned as we went along. We partner with our local hospitals and every year rotate between them as host sites. Facebook is our primary advertising vehicle along with our email list, website, and printed materials distributed all over the county. We’ve learned to accept the unknown of who will show up. Two years ago we had a mom drive over from Bakersfield with over 1,000 ounces!!! We were lucky enough have that moment captured by our local tv station. Another lessoned learned is to get a press release out and ask the tv stations to cover our event. This helps us expand our message beyond moms and babies to the community as a whole.


KSBY (NBC, Central Coast):  “Nurturing babies in need: Hospitals host donor breast milk drives”

Paso Robles Daily News: “Central Coast Breastfeeding Coalition hosts donor breast milk drive”


About Central Coast Breastfeeding Coalition:

CCBC brings together a collaborative team of breastfeeding advocates to network, share resources, accomplish projects, and provide breastfeeding education based on current research and best practice. Our members include private, hospital-based and county lactation consultants, as well as lactation educators and experienced breastfeeding mothers with a passion for helping others with breastfeeding. To learn more about us or to join the CCBC, please visit our website at  Learn about CCBC upcoming events on their Events Calendar here. For inquiries, please contact:
Leslie Mehigan, 
Coordinator,  Central Coast Breastfeeding Coalition –

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