Doubling Down on Family Support with the California Work & Family Coalition

November 6, 2023

California Breastfeeding Coalition

The California Work & Family Coalition (CWFC) gathered in Oakland last week for its annual statewide meeting.

Portrait of two women, one with long, curly red hair and the other with short dreadlocks.

CBC Executive Director Jasmine Pettis Marquez and BreastfeedLA Executive Director Arissa Palmer at the California Work & Family Coalition annual statewide meeting.

CWFC is a statewide alliance of community organizations, unions, nonprofits, and individuals dedicated to helping parents, caregivers, and families thrive. The California Breastfeeding Coalition (CBC) is a CWFC member, sharing the belief that all people should have the time and resources to care for themselves and each other.

Executive Director Jasmine Pettis Marquez represented the CBC at the event, which was the first in-person statewide meeting hosted by California Work & Family since 2019.

“It was really inspiring to be surrounded by so many different representatives from coalitions across California,” Marquez said. “Advancing lactation and human milk feeding in California means supporting working families. But since so much of our work has been remote since the pandemic, it’s easy to feel siloed. This event was a reminder of how many organizations believe families deserve focused attention in statewide policies.”

Topics discussed at the meeting included expansion of the state’s paid family leave program, the recent increase in required paid sick days, and providing both paid leave and job protection for chosen family.

“There is a lot of great work being done behind the scenes and in the public eye,” Marquez said. “I’m grateful the California Breastfeeding Coalition is a part of it.”

To find out about California Work & Family’s priorities for the coming year, visit their website.