How The Nooni Project Helps Reclaim Breastfeeding in Indigenous Communities

How The Nooni Project Helps Reclaim Breastfeeding in Indigenous Communities

Hosted by San Diego Breastfeeding Coalition

Date: August 11, 2023

Time: 10 a.m. to noon Pacific, via Zoom

Cost: $25

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The Nooni Project is a project designed by PhD student Angie Sanchez and funded by a grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund. Nooni is the Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) word for “She/he suckles at the breast.”

Reclaiming breastfeeding as ceremony, as tradition in Indigenous communities is a method of healing ourselves and our children from hundreds of years of colonization and attempted genocide.

Learn more about this project and key takeaways to better serve indigenous populations.

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  1. Learn about Historical trauma: how it’s passed down, how it manifests itself;
  2. What is the Nooni Project;
  3. How geographies (time and place) intersect to affect breastfeeding rates within communities; How to serve Indigenous communities in breastfeeding and beyond.


Angie Sanchez is Crane Clan Ojibway and Odawa from Michigan. She is a 4th year PhD student in the Department of Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences at Michigan State University. She holds a BA in Communications as well as an MBA, both from MSU. Angie studies health & medical geography, where her research focuses on increasing access to breastfeeding support resources in Indigenous communities. During her first year as a PhD student, she was awarded a Michigan Health Endowment Fund grant of $338,000 to bring the Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor Training program to 6 different Indigenous communities in Michigan, and in 2022 helped author a grant in the amount of $100,000 to collaborate with Michigan Breastfeeding Network to help organize the Sacred Bundle Birth Worker Collective and position them as a non-profit and single source for birth work support for Indigenous people in the state of Michigan.

Target Audience: Advocates, CLE / CLES / CLECs, Community Members, Doulas, IBCLCs, Midwives, Occupational Therapists, PA/NPs, Peer Counselors, Physicians, Public Health Practitioners, Registered Dietitians, Registered Nurse (RN)s, Ot

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