Monthly General Education Session

Monthly General Education Session

Hosted by Inland Empire Breastfeeding Coalition (IEBfC)

Date: March 26, 2024

Time: 12:30p.m. to 2 p.m. Pacific Time, via Zoom

Cost: Free or $10 for CERPs

Register: Visit and register on home page.

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In Collaboration with BreastfeedLA!

Strength in Support: Strategies for Promoting Human Milk Feeding in Cleft-Affected Infants with Ashley Sayers, IBCLC, CLEC, CLC, IBC

In this presentation, Ashley Renee Sayers, IBCLC, Ojibwe, delves into the crucial topic of supporting human milk feeding for infants with cleft lips and/or palates. Drawing from her extensive experience as a lactation consultant, Ashley offers insights into empowering families and navigating the unique challenges faced in these cases. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies to enhance the care and well-being of cleft-affected infants through compassionate and culturally sensitive approaches to human milk feeding


  1. Identify nutritional + nonnutritive benefits of human milk feeding specific to CL/P infants.
  2. Demonstrate techniques to facilitate at breast/chest feeding & assess ability/transfer of at breast/chest feeding per CL/P infant.
  3. Provide relevant support to families of CL/P infants.

Continuing Education Units: 1.5 L CERPs/CEUs/1.0 BRN offered IBCLE CERP areas: Pathology and Clinical Skills

Questions? Please email or call 909-528-8964