Monthly General Education Session

Monthly General Education Session

Hosted by Inland Empire Breastfeeding Coalition – IEBfC

Date: February 27. 2024

Time: 12:30pm-2:00pm Pacific Time

Cost: Free or $10 for CERPs

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From Root Cause to Resolution: A Holistic Approach to Breast & Nipple Pain with Christine Staricka BS, IBCLC, RLC, CE, FILCA

Breast and/or nipple pain are so often cited as the reason an individual stopped breastfeeding, and they are very frequently portrayed culturally as an expected part of breastfeeding. However, as pain is actually a neurological signal which indicates that harm is present and potentially could become worse, we know that pain is not “normal.” As lactation care providers, we need to have a structured approach to addressing breast and nipple pain which takes into account the entirety of our client’s lactation situation. In this presentation I will offer the learner a framework for discussing pain with a lactation client as well as options for uncovering root causes and possible resolutions.


  1. The learner will be able to list 3 questions to ask a lactating person which will assist in determining the root cause of breast or nipple pain.
  2. The learner will be able to describe 2 elements of breast and nipple pain evaluation which can assist in building short- and long-term breast and nipple pain management and resolution strategies required.
  3. The learner will be able to define 3 clinical strategies for short-term relief of breast and/or nipple pain

Continuing Education Units: 1.5 L CERPs/CEUs/1.0 BRN offered

IBCLE CERP areas: Physiology and Endocrinology & Clinical Skills 

Questions? Please email or call 909-528-8964