Supporting Lactation in Jails

California Assembly Bill 2507, now California Penal Code § 4002.5 took effect on Jan. 1, 2020. The law requires county jails to develop and implement an infant and toddler breast milk feeding policy for people who are lactating and detained in or sentenced to county jail. This bill was passed recognizing the importance of providing lactating people the support and structures they need for lactation success, and also the importance of providing for transfer of the breast milk to their child.

To support implementation of the law, the California Breastfeeding Coalition in collaboration with SoCal ACLU, formed a diverse workgroup of lactation specialists, medical professionals, advocates for incarcerated parents, and others to develop tools you can use in your county to ensure the law is being implemented with the consideration of best practices.

We encourage all county jails to use the Supporting Lactation in Jails Toolkit: Implementing a Model Policy to Meet California Penal Code § 4002.5. It includes:

  • A model policy to use as a template for what the law requires all jails to create and implement
  • Procedural plan and supporting documents for implementation of best practices required by the law
  • Sample program intake form
  • Educational document for carceral and medical staff
  • Educational documents for lactating people and their approved people to pick up their milk

Download the toolkit here.

To ensure implementation of the law, county breastfeeding coalitions or community-based organizations can use the email template to outreach to the County Counsel or to the County Sheriff’s Department to share the model policy implementation toolkit. Template Outreach Letter

The California Breastfeeding Coalition hosted a webinar in 2019 to discuss the specific requirements of the law and to provide an update on the development of tools you can use in your county to ensure that law is implemented with consideration of best practices.

Webinar powerpoint can be downloaded here.

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