Webinar – Creating Community Online: How to Provide Connection and Support in Virtual Groups


No CEUs are provided for this webinar after June 8, 2021.

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Speakers Bios:

  • Tonya Kubo, Online Communities Expert
  • Brandi Gates-Burgess, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Karen Garcia, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor
  • Michele Poole, WIC Nutrition Assistant, Peer Counselor

Objectives: By the end of the webinar, attendees will be able to: 

  • Apply best practices to fostering inclusion during online sessions
  • Cultivate a community atmosphere among strangers online
  • Facilitate relationships among participants between meetings

Time Stamps

00:00– Introduction by Robbie Gonzalez-Dow (Host)

06:50– Tonya Kubo, Online Communities Expert

09:15 Online Community Defined- Shared interest and own culture

11:15– Where Online Community Takes Place- affects how the community interacts

14:30– The Value of Online Community

  • Can support each other no matter where you live
  • Accessible and convenient 

19:18– Top 10 Considerations

  • Questions to ask before building a group or to analyze the current group
  • Be sure to have community standards or policies- look at other models that exist, like Facebook
  • Define what success looks like to stay on track

29:30– How to get your group seen- Offline and Online Publicity 

31:30– Theory Meets Practice- Panel with Brandi Gates-Burgess, Karen Garcia, and Michele Poole

32:40– How Brandi started offering online support and what it looks like:

  • Started group to let African American, black mothers support each other with breastfeeding in a safe space
  • Switched to online with COVID-19
  • Diverse group
  • Monthly meetings, but moved to weekly support now that it’s online
  • Do food demonstrations to show how to use WIC food
  • Try to stay up to date on Instagram and Facebook 
  • Utilize staff members who are comfortable using social media 
  • Be mindful of HIPAA

47:25– Go live once a week because of community request

  • All live recordings from the past 6 weeks are on IGTV 

50:30– Setting boundaries- set time to respond and post

52:30– Interesting questions

55:15– Team dynamic- good communication, guided by what community wants

  • The team is a part of the community so they understand the needs and wants

01:01:45– Q&A

01:02:25– WIC coordination and HIPAA

  • Not using their real names, using their Instagram names

01:05:45– Instagram is easy, not many problems with it

  • Older clients need guidance with how to use Instagram
  • Helpful to start where your community is present

01:08:20– How to make posts pretty

  • App called Canva- super easy to use, free for the basic package

01:09:15– Outreach locations- follow hashtags, share with the local coalition, share on 


01:11:20– Are you open to having people from outside the Oakland area?

  • Will offer support, but local community support is best

01:13:2– Community clinic

  • One guest speaker, but it is usually informal
  • Plan to have a guest speaker once a month

01:15:10– How do you control viewers?

  • Try to keep track of people joining
  • Facebook messenger room- private, limited to 50 people

01:19:15– Instagram poll, question feature, and count down feature 

01:21:30– Schedule and roles 

01:24:30– WIC program supports them

1:27:25– Spanish speaking community

  • Trying to figure out the best way to offer support
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