NACCHO Celebrates 2 Years of CoC Blueprint

September 2, 2023

California Breastfeeding Coalition

It’s been two years since the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) launched The Continuity of Care (CoC) in Breastfeeding Support Blueprint. The blueprint was developed with a public health lens to increase local capacity to implement community-driven approaches to support chest/breastfeeding, centered on the needs of populations disproportionately impacted by structural barriers that lead to low rates of breastfeeding.

According to NACCHO, the goal is to ensure that chest/breastfeeding support services are continuous, accessible, and coordinated, and that community spaces are consistently supportive of chest/breastfeeding families. Over the past two years, NACCHO has:

  • Collected 150+ CoC resources, which are available in an online library
  • Logged 2,100 individuals who have downloaded the blueprint
  • Hosted a webinar series with more than 20 speakers to explore each blueprint recommendation
  • Funded two cohorts of communities to advance continuity of care at the local level

Here in California, both BreastfeedLA and the Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander (ASAP!) Breastfeeding Task Force of Alameda County have received grants to implement recommendations from the blueprint. The blueprint has also informed the objectives of the 2023 and 2024 California Breastfeeding Summit. 

NACCHO is now seeking applicants for its 2024 cohort. The deadline to apply is Oct. 1. Details are here.