National Breastfeeding Month Resources Support Advocacy in 2023 and Beyond

August 3, 2023

We aren’t kidding when we say National Breastfeeding Month is the lactation world’s version of the Super Bowl. It’s an opportunity to join forces throughout the nation to protect, promote, and support chest, breast and human milk feeding. It’s also a time when organizations across the state and nation release resources, tool kits and additional assets to help amplify facts around the benefits of lactation and human milk feeding. This article includes the available National Breastfeeding Month resources.

But before we get to the available resources, make sure to read Gov. Gavin Newsom’s letter of support for National Breastfeeding Month. In the letter, the governor calls out the barriers facing California families.

“It is critical that breastfeeding education and support be embedded throughout our communities, health care system, and in employment settings to help every family reap the full benefits of breastfeeding – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, education level, or socioeconomic status,” he wrote.

Urging leaders across the state, health systems, workplaces, and communities to share the responsibility of supporting lactation and breastfeeding, Newsom ends the letter with the reminder that everyone benefits when families are empowered and supported.

The letter, requested by CDPH/WIC in collaboration with the California Breastfeeding Coalition, bolsters the credibility of the work we all do to protect, promote and support lactation and human milk feeding in the Golden State.

#CaliforniaWIC Communications Toolkit Supports Year-Round Lactation Advocacy

The California Department of Public Health/Women, Infants and Children Division (CDPH/WIC) has made its communications toolkit available to everyone interested in amplifying the importance of lactation and human milk feeding.

The toolkit includes an electronic newsletter, six social media posts​ in English and Spanish, and two new videos that can help families to learn more about practical tips and WIC breastfeeding support services.

One of the videos (shown above) features Native American Health Center WIC peer counselors, Mayra and Vicky, who work with the indigenous Mam-speaking community in Oakland. The other video, How to Support Your Breastfeeding Partner, features Kung Peng, a WIC registered dietitian (RD) and Certified Lactation Educator (CLE) at San Joaquin County’s Community Medical Centers WIC. As a new father, Kung offers his top tips for non-birthing parents.

CDPH/WIC has also expanded the Breastfeeding Section on the MyFamily website. The updated section is a more robust and engaging digital resource for pregnant and postpartum individuals that showcases WIC breastfeeding support services, expert guidance, and links to WIC program partner websites and materials.

1,000 Days Inspiration Guide for #NBM2023

1,000 Days has published its annual National Breastfeeding Month Inspiration Guide, which includes special content from the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) and weekly observance organizers.

The guide is an open-source, unbranded library of content for organizations using social media to promote, protect and support lactation for World Breastfeeding Week, National Breastfeeding Month and beyond.

USBC Seeks Stories and Offers Themed Assets

USBC wants your story. The national lactation advocacy organization wants to hear the “why” behind your passion for chest, breast and human milk feeding.

You can submit your story using their online form.

They also have a collection of social media graphics and QR codes you can use in your own promotion of National Breastfeeding Month.