Influencing Policy and Legislation

Changes in local, state, and national laws, as well as the adoption of formal policies by boards and commissions, fall under the umbrella of policy and legislation.

Influencing policy usually presents the opportunity for the broadest improvement in health outcomes. Both institutional and legal policies can affect large numbers of people.

In some cases, laws and policies already exist that could protect breastfeeding, but an additional law, change in policy, better enforcement, or change in an organization’s practices may be necessary to ensure its effectiveness.

Honorable Kevin de Leon introducing a bill.

Examples include:

  • Supporting legislative bills, ie: SB 402
  • Establishing or Improving regulations, ie: pregnancy disability regualations to include lacatation as a medical condition of pregnancy
  • Passing proclamations/resolutions, ie: resolutions to proclaim August as Breastfeeding Awareness Month
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