State Milk Banks Need Donors and Donations

November 7, 2022

California has TWO non-profit milk banks accredited by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, Mothers’ Milk Bank San Jose AND UC Health Milk Bank in San Diego.

These milk banks:

  • Accept donations of frozen milk
  • Test, pasteurize and process the milk for safe consumption
  • Supply hospitals throughout the nation with desperately needed milk for vulnerable infants
  • Offer milk to families in need (prescription may be required)
  • Cover all donor costs (e.g. blood tests, shipping, etc.)

However, this time of year can be tough on milk banks. Due to busy schedules and travel plans, donations tend to drop while NICU needs remain the same. Please help by spreading the word throughout your communities, so anyone who is able to help understands how they can do so.

Whether a family has excess milk stored in their freezer or lactating individuals are producing more milk than their own children can consume, they can help vulnerable infants thrive by donating their “liquid gold” to either milk bank.

You are welcome to use any of these images on social media, in your newsletter or on your website to inform your community about the needs and benefits of donor human milk. Want more information? Contact Mothers’ Milk Bank San Jose or UC Health Milk Bank in San Diego today.