WHO, UNICEF Partner on #EndExploitativeMarketing Campaign

April 25, 2022

We continue to support the WHO and UNICEF campaign against exploitive formula marketing here in the U.S. and around the globe.

We’re joining the call on governments, health workers, and the baby food industry to end exploitative formula milk marketing and fully implement and abide by WHO Code requirements. As stated in the campaign, this includes: 

  • Passing, monitoring and enforcing laws to prevent the promotion of formula milk, in line with the International Code, including prohibiting nutrition and health claims made by the formula milk industry.
  • Investing in policies and programs to support breastfeeding, including adequate paid parental leave in line with international standards, and ensuring high quality breastfeeding support.
  • Requesting industry to publicly commit to full compliance with the WHO Code and subsequent World Health Assembly resolutions globally.
  • Banning health workers from accepting sponsorship from companies that market foods for infants and young children for scholarships, awards, grants, meetings, or events.

We ask that you continue to share this campaign across your networks and via social media. And please, make us aware of the exploitive marketing practices you see here in California, (e.g. formula ads posted in medical offices, unsolicited formula coupons and samples sent to families, etc.). You can tag us in social media posts (on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) or share them with us by emailing hello@californiabreastfeeding.org.